Are Psychics Real? Meet Rebecca

I am one of those people who wants to believe that some part of our brain has the capability of extending well beyond the typical.  The idea of seeing the future, reading thoughts, or moving something with only our minds is very appealing to me.  I tend to be skeptical, but I really want to believe.

At first I thought that maybe there is a hypothesis that psychic ability is in the part of the brain that most of us do not use.  Researching that possibility I discovered that the “We only use 10% of our brain” is a complete myth.  We use all of our brain, but few of us maximize our brain’s capabilities. For example, when someone loses one of his senses, his other senses tend to strengthen in an attempt to compensate.  We all have intuition, but as we mature we tend to ignore it and replace it with practical logic.  After a while our intuitive abilities weaken as we rely more heavily on practicality. What would happen if we ignored certain logic and began developing our intuition?  We’ve all had those moments when logic took over resulting in us making the wrong decision.  We think, “I had a suspicion but I ignored it. I should have gone with my hunch.”   What are these hunches and why do we ignore them?  Intuition is a sense, a largely ignored sense.  Maybe we should stop ignoring ourselves?

I’m writing this entry because a woman by the name of Rebecca, who describes herself as an intuitive psychic, asked for my help in promoting what she does.  She is not looking to become a celebrity and does not want a reality show, but she does want to share with people some of her views.  We discussed a few PR possibilities, but I first wanted to discover just how “legitimate” she was as a psychic.

We met in her Seal Beach office.  It’s a small room filled with candles and various symbols epidomizing eastern philosophy.  Actually, there were symbols of all philosophies now that I think about it.  The first impression you get from Rebecca is that she seems so normal. There are no gimmicks.  She greets you with a smile and you immediately feel disarmed. Suddenly a women who you have known for only moments feels like a close friend.

I brought along a friend to the appointment, someone about whom she knew nothing.  I asked her to do a brief reading on him.  She took a moment to clear her mind and then began speaking with confidence.  She was not asking him questions, she was making statements.  She described his personality perfectly. She stated that he absolutely knows who he is and that there is no emotional conflict. Part of me was trying to decide if his presence, how he walked into the room, and how he was dressed could have lead her to the conclusions she was making.  Maybe, but that would be a pretty gifted person.  Finally, at the end of the brief reading she just asked, “What’s the deal with the yacht and Greece?”  He turned his head toward me with his mouth dropped open.  This was his fantasy vacation.  There is no way she could have known this and the idea of it being a guess is too far fetched.  Had she said it to me it would have had no meaning, but to him it was significant.

Later we went to Bogart’s Coffee House in Seal Beach where Rebecca does public discussions for two hours about once a month.  She definitely has “regulars” who participate and enjoy a little free guidance.  Several others arrived because they had “heard of her” and others were there having no idea Rebecca would be speaking.  A woman, who was part of a couple who fit into the latter category, asked Rebecca about her mother.  She immediately commented that the mother’s mind wasn’t always there.  It was in and out, but that she wanted the daughter to know how grateful she was for being taken care of.  The woman confirmed this to be true and stated that her mother was constantly thanking her for her care.  She asked if her mother’s name was Mary….it was. She then asked about her husband’s mother.  Rebecca tried but said Mary was still present.  She asked her if in her day Mary was woman with a “sailor’s mouth”?  The woman said “no.”  Rebecca concentrated again and said “I am seeing a woman who plays cards, drinks alcohol, and is one of the boys and she says she’s Mary.”  Again, the woman said “no.”  Rebecca asked the husband if this could be his mother, he also said “no.”  Not letting up, Rebecca insisted this was pretty strong.  The man said, I had a cousin who was like that but she died years ago.  Rebecca asked what her name was.  He thought for a couple seconds and sure enough, it was Mary.  She had two Mary’s coming in at the same time for the same family.  This was a fun exchange, but confusing for a little bit.  Rebecca fervently trusted her intuition and it proved correct.

I spoke with another woman who has been following Rebecca for a couple years.  She explained that on her first meeting Rebecca told her she would be having children but there would be problems with getting pregnant.  She saw something as twisted.  But she said it would work out and she saw November as being significant.  At the time the woman told me that they were not even thinking of having children.  A year later they began trying to get pregnant, but it wasn’t happening.  During a doctor’s examination of her husband it was discovered that the epididymis (coiled tubes in the penis that lead to the testicles) was twisted.  A surgery corrected the problem and she is now pregnant.  She is due in, you guessed it, November.  For you doubters out there I am not sure we can get much more specific than this.

Something that Rebecca does that is unlike other psychics is that she gives steps one should take based on the readings.  She doesn’t just state something and leave you alone to deal with it.  She understands the steps that should be taken to help someone achieve their dreams or happiness.  In fact, she has written an eBook on this topic, which will be promoted very soon.

She has been developing her ability for well over 20 years but she is just now making herself known.  There is something special about her.  Something compelling that makes people want to return to her for years.  In fact, my friend on whom she gave the brief reading will be doing a 30-minute telephone reading very soon.  I will write on his new experience as well.

To learn more about Rebecca please visit her still developing website (my fault, not hers) at  This is the best place to make an appointment with her.  I’ll keep reporting good and bad and more people speak with me about her and as testimonials become available.  Write to me via the website at if you want to share your experience with Rebecca.  In my opinion Rebecca is the real thing, whatever that means to you.