Malibu has a Gem with 98% Angel

The next time you visit Malibu there is a must-see store for anyone who loves children. 98% Angel is a children’s boutique that is perfectly situated in front of the playground at the Malibu Country Mart.  It has to be one of the most charming children’s boutiques in Los Angeles.

The store feels like a seaside cottage and is literally merchandised from floor to ceiling. There is plenty to see, but we suggest that you ask to see 98% Angel’s own line of clothing.  This line is priced anywhere from very affordable to some very high-end items affordable to just a few.  What we especially like is the quality and care that goes into every item of clothing.  In fact, every piece in the line is designed and manufactured in California.  Our favorite is an astrology line of t-shirts that are affordable for almost anyone and completely unique.  We can almost guarantee that other parents will ask you where you purchased the clothing.

While I would love to say that this store is a hidden gem, it isn’t as hidden as one thinks. Because of it’s Malibu location it is frequented by celebrities who want to ensure their children are dressed in Malibu’s finest.  Here we have Pamela Anderson, who we love, carrying a 98% Angel shopping bag.  We have to admit, there is something that makes us happy when we buy from this store versus a national chain.  Maybe it’s the non-mass produced clothing or the sense that we’re getting something special or perhaps it’s knowing that our money is going to a family-owned business.  It might simply be because we’re buying something special for someone we love more than words can accurately convey.  In any case, as long as it makes us happy we’re not too concerned with the reason why.  But we encourage you to let us know what your experience was. Have we mentioned that as we approach the holidays the store will begin serving its homemade ginger snap cookies?

I asked the owners of the store for what they believe they are most known.  I was told their hats and shoes.  I guess there is nothing like a well accessorized child.  But when I saw the shoes I got it.  There were sneakers, dress shoes, boots and so on.  Sadly none of these shoes come in a man’s size 12.  We know fashion icon Gwen Stefani has purchased shoes for her children at 98% Angel and we can tell from this photo that Katherine Heigl will be purchasing several pairs of shoes for her daughter.  But more importantly, people just like us can own the fashions offered at 98% Angel. Celebrities are fun and they help the paparazzi hidden outside in the courtyard make a living, but the store is about parents and their children.

The store offers clothing and gift ideas in all price ranges.  You are welcome to browse but definitely ask a sales associate about special items, you won’t be sorry.  98% Angel is open 7-days per week and is located in Malibu’s Country Mart at 3835 Cross Creek Road just off of Pacific Coast Highway.  You can also visit the store’s website at